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We know about moving.
Take advantage of our experience!

Moving does not mean the same thing to every person. Everyone has different demands and his or her own ideas. TOLMIEN custom moving service can help you combine the services you need into one complete package.

You can reach us by phone, either by calling our German service number 0800–85 41 555, or the nearest TOLMIEN branch, or you can send us an e-mail.

Are you perhaps following the recommendation of another satisfied TOLMIEN customer? Once you have contacted us, your personal moving consultant will visit you. We plan your move carefully to provide you with an accurate and reliable cost estimate and guarantee that your move will go smoothly.

Your personal moving consultant determines the amount to be moved and determines how the move should be organized. He or she finds out all the necessary information about parking and takes care of no-parking signs if necessary. He or she checks if the stairs or elevator can accommodate your belongings or if an exterior elevator must be used. You and your consultant also discuss the timeframe and determine which services that best meet your needs.

The TOLMIEN unit construction system for customized moving includes everything you need – from simple transportation with or without packing to full-service moving. TOLMIEN can have your old apartment cleaned from top to bottom and even renovated for you. We can even make sure there is a cleaned and pressed shirt hanging in your new closet waiting for you when you arrive.


TOLMIEN, with its many branches, is prepared to move you anywhere in Europe. But the rest of the world is also within reach; TOLMIEN has a network of dependable partners around the world. You can reach TOLMIEN at our German service number 0800–85 41 555.

Nothing works without trust. Our trained employees put their knowledge and many years of experience to use to guarantee that your move is as smooth as possible. We leave nothing to chance. You may even choose to meet with our moving consultant. He or she can provide detailed information on your needs and customize your move according to those needs. There is no additional charge for this visit. The planner coordinates shipping, dates and capacity. He or she makes sure that your belongings arrive on time – whether you are moving around the corner or to the other side of the globe.


There are no moving goods that TOLMIEN cannot transport professionally. We transport your belongings from door to door by road, rail, water or air – whether within Germany or Europe or even around the world. And we can even take care of the formalities for you.

We have vehicles for every purpose in our fleet. Pneumatic trucks ensure that all of your objects – including computer systems, works of art and grand pianos – arrive safe and sound. A Unimog for heavy objects? A horse trailer? – No problem!

We use our own containers to transport your belongings. And if you do not need your belongings right away, we can store them in our safe container storage facility.

We are also equipped to transport your possessions from the truck to the apartment or office. We use a variety of moving equipment to make your move easier, including furniture dollies, support harnesses, utility dollies, stair-climbing appliance dollies for transporting safes and external hydraulic elevators. This equipment keeps us from damaging your belongings and stairs-and protects our employees' backs!


A unit construction system for moving – how does that work? We want to provide services you need-no more and no less. You can merely choose to buy boxes from us. Or let us transport your goods. Or use our packers. It is up to you to choose which of the broad range of TOLMIEN services you need.

If you like,

  • our trained and experienced furniture movers can safely pack your belongings in the appropriate packaging. They are then automatically guaranteed to be protected from any transportation damages. Our security chapter provides more information on this topic.
  • we will clean your old apartment or even renovate it. We work with qualified tradespeople who enjoy our complete trust.
  • we can take care of assembling and disassembling furniture, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc.

Ask your personal moving consultant for additional services. TOLMIEN leaves no wish unfulfilled!


Moving a business or office requires special attention. Professional and early planning in particular, is absolutely necessary for a smooth process that runs according to schedule. We have special equipment to minimize downtime. We use special containers and exterior elevators to speed up the moving process. Barcode readers help organize, and maps and floor stickers help our employees to move everything to its correct place. And of course we also have the right equipment for transporting machines and heavy equipment.

The security of your company's goods is a top priority. Not only do we move computer systems to their new environment, but our experts can even take care of networking and configuring your systems. Our security box protects your data from unauthorized access. If you are not moving into the new location immediately, we can safely store your moving goods in locked containers in our container storage facility. TOLMIEN's professional business moving services are also available around the world!


Who says you can only move so far as the border? Would you like to live in another country, have you accepted a new position in another country, Are you accustomed to moving frequently because you work as a diplomat? TOLMIEN has branches right on the coast and cooperates with partners around the world. We can move you across borders, whether for business or personal reasons, as competently and quickly as if you were moving next door. We offer door-to-door service internationally as well. It makes no difference whether you choose a full-service move or just a few of our services. Of course this kind of project requires careful planning. Planning is our moving consultants' area of expertise.

We take care of selecting the appropriate method of transportation-truck, train, ship or airplane and we take care of customs formalities. We can't move mountains-not yet, anyway. But we can move entire manufacturing plants, including machinery and of course all employees.

If our sturdy packing boxes don't quite do the job, we can use overseas packaging or even arrange for you to have your own shipping container.

If you only plan to spend a short time abroad and don't want to move your whole household, you can store anything you don't want to take along in our container storage facility. You can find more specific information in the chapter on our container service.


We don't have to mention that our long-time employees do everything to protect your valuable belongings. That goes without saying. But we're only human, and something unexpected can always happen. Of course we are liable if we happen to damage or lose your property as stipulated by the regulations in the Handelsgesetzbuch (German civil code), which you can read in your moving contract.

The TOLMIEN security package allows you to adjust the liability sum at any time according to your needs and allows you to obtain additional transportation insurance. Talk to your personal moving consultant about security.


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